Long Awaited Office Refit at Atlantic Resource

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Atlantic Resource are proud to unveil the long awaited office refit in the city center of Cardiff. Three new consultants added over the last 6 weeks will help drive the business in 2019 and well into 2020. We are always happy to hear from both candidates and clients looking for their new roles or new

Six Of The Worst – CV Mistakes To Avoid

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CVs are here for a while yet. Yes we now have LinkedIn and websites and all kinds of online platforms to show off our professional wares.  But those sheets of A4 paper designed to showcase you and all your skills, they are still not going away anytime soon.Right now, is your CV the best it

Why You’ll Get Hired

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We all know that the world of work is as competitive as ever, despite the latest unemployment figures showing a seven year UK low. It never means that getting a job is easy. For this reason, if you’re a job seeker, it’s worth job spending a little time thinking about the reasons why you, yes