A good education is important. Children should begin to learn from an early age the importance of knowledge, skills and experiences, as well as their practical application in the real world. As a rule, everyone respects this. But working life amounts to much more than the handful of letters or numbers that represent exam grades.A great deal of emphasis is placed on achieving the best possible test results, exam grades and qualifications at every stage of young life. Getting the best grades isn’t always anything like as vital as it’s made out to be when it comes to success in the world of work. Here are 6 reasons why exam grades aren’t everything.exam-results-arent-everything

1. Education Isn’t Valued As Highly As It Was

More people are applying to UK universities than ever, despite the expense. Even the idea of going to university is arguably not quite as esteemed as it once was.

2. Exam Results Aren’t Always That Important In the Long Term

How important are exam results in the long term? Or even short term?  And how vital is a education to career success and satisfaction? These are contentious questions, and the answers might bend according to different agendas.

3. Higher Education Is A Self-Fulfilling (And Slightly Elitist) Prophecy

Higher education is a UK-wide money-spinner, and tuition fees are a constant political football.The most prestigious elite universities remain, by and large, the most prestigious elite universities. While much else in the world appears to exist in a state of flux due to rapid technological development, perhaps it’s one of the biggest feats of higher education that it continues to retain its appeal, right from the mystical elite to the newest and most provincial providers. We are still seduced by culturally romantic, old fashioned notions of crusty libraries, inspirational wise old lecturers and graduation days.These are all well and good, but equally we might just get on with real life, knuckle down, work hard and start gaining useful experience.

4. Self Teaching Is Easier Than Ever

Thanks to the internet, an infinite amount of information is freely available, meaning it’s possible to self-teach across a wide range of subjects. Expert tuition, it may not always be, but there are almost infinite free resources available to develop ourselves outside of traditional formal education. Many at university already paying the tuition fees depend on online research and, to an extent, self teaching. Meanwhile, even university Vice Chancellors have asked young people to consider whether they need to go.

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5. Experience Of Work Is More Important

And there are many others who would shrug off the need for much further and higher education, in favour of good old fashioned experience of the workplace – whatever the industry.As we’ve blogged before, it’s certainly not easy for young people in the workplace. But it is possible to do well. Tech entrepreneurs can graduate from the back bedroom to the boardroom. A young person with a little capital, courage and a great work ethic can make impressive strides in small to medium sized businesses.

6. Even Big Employers Are Doubtful Of Education

Education doesn’t have to dictate your value in the jobs market. It shouldn’t be the sole indicator of your worth. Accountancy firm Ernst & Young, one of the UK’s largest graduate recruiters, recently announced it won’t consider degree or A level results in the recruitment process. Although it does have its own benchmarking system, possibly suggesting a lack of trust in regular assessment.It takes application and discipline to graduate from any stage of education. It isn’t meaningless, and the journey to get those grades can be as beneficial as the grades themselves. But it isn’t everything when it comes to the real world of work.With initiative, focus and dedication to what you want to achieve, embarrassing GAtlantic ResourceEs can be overlooked, patchy A level grades can be cast aside, and a disappointing ‘Desmond’ (2:2) degree can be forgotten.If you’re seeking temporary part-time or full time work in office administration, construction, catering or care, please get in touch.